RetroFX is a library I created which can add features to any arcade classic. The library plugs into the emulated, original game-engine.

RetroFX supports following features :

  • hi-res graphics, 2D or 3D
  • multiple-layered, non-tiled-scrolling
  • improved gameplay
  • smooth sprite animation
  • sprite lighting and blending
  • custom particle effects
  • in-background animations
  • real-time fire,water and other physics effects
  • custom sound fx engine
  • CD quality audio



EAGLE certainly is the pre-cursor to the RetroFX idea.

EAGLE is a library that generically enhances graphics; EAGLE makes graphics from old arcade games less blocky.

EAGLE is used by following excellent emulators:

EAGLE spinned-off several other graphics enhancement projects for emulators :
  • Sai2x
  • Parrot
  • HQ3x
EAGLE can be built-into any emulator, works on 8 and 16 bit graphics and is free for non-commercial use.The EAGLE principle is explained in detail in the download package. The EAGLE package contains all you need to know (and more!) to build-in EAGLE into your emulator. Download