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    Several months into our project Anthony gave me a tutorial on how exactly he redesigned the sprites. I hope you l enjoy it is much as I did.

Redesigning 2D Sprites in 3D
by Anthony 'AntMan' Sisneros


First, I studied the 2D images in every angle that was given and put it together in my head so I would have a mental picture of how this character would look in real life.

I started whith the helmet because it seems to be the most important part of his body, (his head) . I opened up my 3D program and began to figure out which geometric shapes resemble parts of his helmet.

In 3D programs, you can quickly click and drag any shape in any size you want. So I created a sphere for his head, and squashed it a little to look more like a face shape. I could have created a nose with a triangle and stuck it on but this image will be scaled down so much that you would not even notice it. So I kept everything basic with no detail.

Then I did the face guard. I created and elongated triangle and extruded it so it had thickness. Then more cylinder shapes are created and put in the triangle so those shapes could be boolean-ed out.


The face guard is bent to fit the helmet. Details is added to the face.. I pulled the nose a little (you can click and drag any points to 'mold' the object as you like) and pushed in the lips and eye sockets, ect.. I also make the edges of the helmet extrude a little so you can see where the face separates from the helmet.


Now I had the head and I could move on to the body I looked for the obvious. The arms look like cylinders so I used cylinders for them and the legs etc.. The fists were made with boxes , the belt was a really flat cylinder etc.. Then I pulled and pushed the objects to make them look more like legs and arms.ect.. The boots and chest are more complicated and required lots more effort.


Now I moved on to create color and texture for the all the objects. I placed a bump map on the face so it would look more like a face without me haveing to go into all the details of it.. I just made a face in 2D and stuck it on there.


Also a good thing to remember is, get your shapes to look as good as you can without textures so that when you finally do put on color and texture it will look incredible. Take a look at the beard too, Its just a bent sphere but with a bump map, so it looks like it has bumps and holes ect.. Always save texture and color for last.

Now I have all his parts done.. And after all that work and time you finally get to see your work pay off.. Now you just have to rotate and move his parts to create any pose you want. You can animate him in any way you imagine. The same model is used and just posed different ways for every frame in the animation :


Now you have a rendered 3D Image in the same pose as the 2D one (well at least as close as I could get it) Take this to your Paint program and scale it to the size of the original.. :-( This is where you lose most of your detail because you are scaling soooo small.. Take a look at the original and the 3D one. Notice there are differences you can find if you look closely. for instance , his feet are not quite correct, his fist looks different ,etc..

Here is what happened starting from the large knight on the left :


First I scaled down, notice how much detail is lost detail compared with the original 3D (compare image 1 with image 2).

Then the the brightness and contrast were changed to make it 'stand out' more (image 3)

Finally, carefully his legs are moved and pixels are added/deleted to make him match the original exactly. I also darkened his edges and colored in the eye, and darkend the slots in his faceguard so it looks like slots (image 4).

I used layers so I could place the new sprite on top of the original and make it semi transparent so I could see if it matched perfectly or if I had to change something.

Tadaa !!! Thats it. All done...